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Adopting a Rescue Cat

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  • 13 June 2017
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If you’ve been thinking about bringing a new pet into your home, adopting a rescue cat can be a great way to make this happen. As you start thinking about this possibility, you’re probably going to have some questions. One of the most common questions that people have is how cats end up in rescue shelters. For some cats, it’s the result of being abandoned or treated cruelly. There are also plenty of cats who end up in shelters because their owners have to leave, pass away or even develop an allergy that prevents them from keeping the cat.

Because of the wide range of backgrounds that rescue cats come from, it isn’t fair to think of them as “broken.” Instead, they’re animals who have faced challenging circumstances and are eager for a new owner to give them a loving home. Cats who have been through these types of situations often express their gratitude for a better life through loyalty and affection.

More Details About Adopting a Rescue Cat

Although rescue shelters don’t always have as many resources as they would like, they do a great job of taking care of the cats that enter. If you choose to adopt a cat, you will know that its vaccinations are up to date, as well as if it has any health issues or concerns.

In terms of how to pick a cat from a rescue shelter, this is a very personal decision. The best strategy is to visit a shelter and spend time with different cats. If you don’t feel comfortable at the shelter or lack a spark with any of the cats, don’t feel pressured to take action. Adopting a cat is a significant commitment, and it may take visits to a few different shelters before you feel the time is truly right.

When you do get to the point of being ready to bring a cat home, you’ll likely be asked a series of questions and need to fill out some paperwork. As far as cost goes, the fee associated with adopting a shelter cat is generally very reasonable and unlikely to exceed $100.

Bringing a Rescue Cat Home

Giving a wonderful cat a home is a great feeling. You’ll want to provide your new pet with fresh water and cat food made from quality ingredients. In addition to a litter box, a combination scratching post and climbing tree is something your new cat will absolutely love. Not only will this help keep your cat active, but it’s a great way for your cat to let out its animal instincts through play.

By spending time both playing and relaxing with your cat, you’ll be able to build a truly special bond that you will both be able to enjoy for years to come.

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