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Chew on This

Chew on This
  • 18 January 2018
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  • jcurran

Chew on This Pet Wants Practical Guide To Natural Chews Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. It can help naturally clean teeth, and provide an outlet for boredom or unwanted chewing. Many natural chews can also help support cleaner teeth and fresher breath. They are a natural source of Omega-3 and omega -6 fatty …

Keeping Your Pet’s Coat Healthy During Winter

your pet's
  • 16 December 2017
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  • Pet Wants

Winter is a special time of the year. But it's also a time of the year when weather conditions can get harsh. Add to that the need to run heating on a regular basis, and you may notice your skin or hair getting dry. As a pet parent, it's important to remember that these same …

The Dog Park – Helpful Etiquette Tips

Dogs playing at Dog Park
  • 26 March 2017
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  • Pet Wants

A visit to the dog park is a fun way for your dog to exercise and interact with other dogs. If you've never taken your dog to the park before, you may be apprehensive about your dog's behavior, how they'll interact with other dogs and your dog's safety. Before you head out, you might want …

Do Indoor Cats Need Daily Exercise?

Cats love to relax.
  • 24 March 2017
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  • Pet Wants

Anyone who has ever brought a cat into their home knows what cats enjoy doing most. They love sleep. They love it so much that an African lion will sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day. While most of us are not shacking up with the king of the jungle, their smaller, domesticated …

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